Lance Scranton: Scare tactics |

Lance Scranton: Scare tactics

Lance Scranton

While we have our share of exciting events and opportunities for people to come out and get involved in this summer; nationally, the fun is in trying to figure out how we’re going to manage until November. The Democrats, Republicans and Libertarians have settled on their candidates for president and now the “parties” begin.

Depending on who you listen to, or where you get your news, none of the candidates are worth voting for and some even suggest that the conventions should take it upon themselves to find replacements. Not so fast political pundits and insiders — we’ve been waiting for a fun race like this since well, since forever! Some people get all squeamish about what Donald Trump says, but I’m personally more concerned about what Hillary Clinton doesn’t say or how in polite conversation I hear the birds chirping when I talk about Gary Johnson!

“The Donald” has some major polishing to do as far as his speech habits are concerned but when I look at some of his biggest critics who are inside the GOP or those outside the party — it gives me pause — to want to jump on the “Trump Train!” Hillary is full speed ahead with the, “I deserve to be president and everyone is going to get everything they ever wanted” campaign and the former governor of New Mexico… well, he seems to have been run over and is polling in the single digits.

But then something happens in our country like the terrorist act in Orlando, and I cringe because I feel like we excuse just about every type of behavior and wear it around like a badge of honor. We’re then shocked when something tragic happens and we wring our collective hands wondering what we could have done. I don’t know, maybe actually do something about the radicalization of our culture!

It’s not just Islam (and I’m not excusing anything about a religion that supports terror) but it’s everywhere in our culture. The national conversation has become toxic and scary. We are being poisoned by political correctness and are afraid to speak up for fear of being labeled. Many people just shut their doors, stop offering their opinion and wait for the dim light of freedom to be extinguished. This can’t be the America I dreamed of becoming a part of over 25 years ago! This is going to be a fun election — come join the party and make your voice be heard — but listen too!

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