Lance Scranton: Say, ‘Yes we can!’ |

Lance Scranton: Say, ‘Yes we can!’

Lance Scranton

The “urge to purge” will be tested as the election season begins in earnest this month. Many of the electorate are fed up with the status quo and ready for a breath of fresh air, or at least some common sense. Locally, our elected officials are doing just about everything they can to prop up our economy and our spirits. It’s been a tough haul since our first community meeting this summer to support our local energy interests. Hopefully you’re getting involved and commenting through the various online venues set up to show our personal regard for our unique economic support system.

It seems like there is a group of people vested in the idea that if something has a whiff of pollution — it must be evil. Far be it for me to be the arbiter of good vs. evil but sustaining a population of people will require a little bit of give and take. I’m a bit offended by the so-called guardians of our environment when they automatically assume that any company that is interested in making a profit that employs natural resources is in league with those who are hell bent on destroying the earth.

The offense isn’t with the opinions that they generate with well-placed ads and emotional talking points, it’s really with the amount of times I’ve been warned that if we don’t do something dramatic — right now — we’re doomed. The problem is that they have been telling me this for over 40 years, and it just hasn’t happened. But they persist with “settled” scientific proof that we’re literally killing our planet. I’m not anti-science, just anti-settled science because personal experience persists in indicating otherwise.

From Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring in the 60s all the way through the famous climate temperature hockey stick; all to show how we have poisoned our planet and the effect anthropomorphic global warming has on all of us. I agree that climate does change — that’s a fact, but how much for how long and at what cause is still a question of faith more than fact.

It’s important because the climate change rhetoric has grown tentacles and is reaching into our local community and we have to fight back. We can’t fight the federal government on our own or disregard the Environmental Protection Agency, but we can elect officials who support energy and educate anyone who will listen regarding the positive effects of our brand of economy. The potential for our county is unlimited as we are sitting on a sustainable energy gold mine — let’s at least make sure we control the message we send out as a community. Yes we can!

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