Lance Scranton: ‘Rocks on the road’ have purpose, too |

Lance Scranton: ‘Rocks on the road’ have purpose, too

Lance Scranton

The snow has melted and rocks on the road are becoming a nuisance.

Seeing rocks all over the road, I’m reminded of kids.

Let me explain.

The rocks, so important just a few weeks ago, are lying about but aren’t needed anymore. The gravel once had a purpose but now the snow and ice have melted and those little rocks just serve to cause all kinds of problems.

Just get out there with the street sweeper and pick them up. Right.

However, the sweeper that picks up the rocks misses some or people don’t move their vehicles and some of the rocks get left behind.

Sometimes the rocks lie in a pile for a long time before someone gets around to cleaning them up while others fall into cracks in the pavement and get stuck in the road.

We see the value in children because of the purpose and potential they represent to us personally and to our community.

But, if we aren’t careful we can take on a “rocks on the road” attitude and wonder why the responsible parties don’t get onto the streets and clean up the messes.

We teach kids to read, write, and do their math. All that learning should give them a purpose, right?

Fortunately, most are swept up into doing really cool things in our community, graduate from high school, go off to a college and begin their life as an adult.

But, some get left behind because someone decides there are other things more important than school, tests, attendance, or responsibility.

These kids are valuable but they missed the chance because of a careless adult or an irresponsible parent.

Others find themselves in groups viewed as anti-establishment and try to find every excuse to avoid learning and responsibility.

Eventually, they all get picked up and find their way into adulthood but with a few less tools for success than others.

The rocks that fall into the cracks and fly through the air and hit your windshield are another matter.

For a variety of reasons, the ones left behind can be on course to cause great damage to others. These are the ones who frustrate us, and we wonder when responsible parties are going to clean up the messes caused by these kids.

But the messes caused when kids are left behind or fall into the cracks are difficult because we don’t always notice them or they blend in until suddenly the damage is done.

As I drive around town and see all those rocks lying about on the road, I try to remember that just a few short weeks ago those rocks helped get me safely to my destination.

I try my best at school to look for the rocks in the cracks and find a way to get them out, while making certain all the other rocks are picked up and not left behind because each one has a purpose.

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