Lance Scranton: Responsibility coupled with reality |

Lance Scranton: Responsibility coupled with reality

Lance Scranton

Students begin each school year excited by the opportunities and expectant that each of their endeavors will be successful. Unfortunately, as the academic year marches on, many students find themselves straining to keep up with their many commitments.

Fortunately, teachers and coaches do their best to be patient and make allowances for students who overextend themselves. While students want success and excellence in their particular sport or activity, it can be tricky when students find themselves over-stretched and over-stressed.

Spring weather in combination with all the activities that round out the school year can make for a highly charged final four weeks of school. Making sure loose ends are secured and checklists are completed can keep students, teachers, administrators and parents on edge. The mixture of expectation, excitement and anticipation can lead to some stressful conflicts.

Perhaps most important to remember in the strain-inducing, tension-filled countdown to summer is that which we are all committed to fostering in our children: responsibility coupled with reality.

One of the most important lessons we teach our children when they are excited and motivated to make a commitment is that the sacrifices required will be shared by not just themselves, but by their team and their family.

Making a commitment means you are including your entire family in your vow to do everything you can to devote your time and resources to the particular sport or activity you are dedicating yourself toward and always includes hard choices and tough sacrifices.

Hard work and staying busy can be admirable traits unless we find our kids spending more time being busy and working hard instead of keeping their commitment.

It’s not easy, but it’s our responsibility as adults to help kids understand the responsibilities and realities of making a commitment.

At least that’s what I think.