Lance Scranton: Resources in Craig |

Lance Scranton: Resources in Craig

Lance Scranton
Lance Scranton

In staying current on actual events that affect our lives and shape our future, I find a mixed bag of hope for our beleaguered local economy and school district budget.

Fox News picked up the story of our local mine controversy, and I like to think that maybe we have ourselves to pat on the back because we took the advice of Craig Conrad at last Wednesday’s community meeting and flooded their phone lines and social media to try and get some resources to assist us with our unique legal situation.

Last Thursday our local school board members heard from teachers, administrators and community members about the importance of having resources to increase rigor and expand learning opportunities. Students having iPads certainly isn’t a magic bullet for all of our educational woes, but I hope the members can find a way to supply some type of resource allocation while striving to show teachers they are valued. Not an easy task but the school board does have some very capable members who inspire confidence.

It seems that if the companies that manage our local mines and power plant took some interest in pumping support into local public education (our future decision-makers), the issues that have culminated in our local mining problems could have been mitigated differently. Imagine the resources needed to slog through the legal challenges presented by this ruling. Imagine if our schools had a paltry percentage of the millions being spent to defend coal. Thinking as an educator, wouldn’t it be cost effective to throw support behind educational resources that present a balanced view of environmental responsibility and the cost-effectiveness of coal-generated electricity to the very audience that will be affected by it the most?

I have heard so many times: “It is political” and I have certainly been victimized because of this easy excuse but when an entire community might be affected by the decision of one judge; it is imperative that people wake up and fight for our resources because the bottom line is that some in this town will simply move on if things don’t go their way. If Colowyo and Tri-State have not already generated a back-up plan, I would be very surprised. The problem is that it may not include us!


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