Lance Scranton: Reflections on Presidents’ Day |

Lance Scranton: Reflections on Presidents’ Day

Lance Scranton
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President’s Day is a nice, long weekend that falls somewhere between being really tired of winter and getting really excited about spring. Presidents used to be people we looked up to, no matter our political leanings. We were all in it together, and while we weren’t always in agreement about the process, we wanted the same outcome. I would watch our local politics and think to myself that the people making the decisions were just trying to do the best possible for our county and community.

National politics has always been another matter, and if you pay any attention to what’s going on in Washington D.C., you — like me — may be somewhat perplexed. The good old days of figuring out how to move our country forward has given way to two oppositional viewpoints about how much our country really matters anymore.

When discussing national issues with students, it becomes clear very quickly that young minds are being exposed to the kind of thinking that can only be described as uncomfortable. It is always a different kind of transition as the younger generation takes the lead, and the older generation gives way to different, and hopefully informed, ideas about what makes a country.

But the landscape we are looking over politically — on both sides of the aisle — should be concerning for both political parties and the country. Republicans are putting their best hopes on a 72-year-old president who is embroiled daily in various challenges, some of his own making, all to make his presidency less effective (from an agenda perspective) and make him seem like he has issues just getting through the day. But, the effectiveness of this strategy seems to be losing some of its bearing, and people are taking notice that some are just radically opposed to anything that he does.

What is even more interesting is recent news that there is a huge movement to get former Vice-President Joe Biden to run in 2020. Biden isn’t exactly a spring chicken, himself, and tends to say, and do, some things that have made him the subject of a few jokes and comedic sketches. But, it makes you think there may be a little bit of concern about the younger ones who are trying to take the reigns.

I can see it now: “Their bones are creaky, they are a little bit slow, but they got a 2020 vision for our country (even though they need glasses to read it)!”

Maybe the old guys still have a few things to say about our country. I guess we will see!

Lance Scranton is a teacher and coach at Moffat County High School.

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