Lance Scranton: Playing the Trump card |

Lance Scranton: Playing the Trump card

Lance Scranton
Lance Scranton

No, I don’t support Donald Trump for President. I don’t stand by all of his comments about immigration. I don’t think building a physical wall is necessarily the best solution to secure our southern border. I don’t believe that legal and illegal immigration should be debated as if they are the same thing. I don’t think Donald Trump is a racist, xenophobe who wants a country composed entirely of one particular skin color.

I write as a legal immigrant to a country that welcomed me with open arms and has treated me as one of their own for over 25 years. Yes, I’m of European ancestry and was raised in suburbia by two hard-working parents who struggled for years to give their six children opportunities to be successful. I was recruited to play football by three American colleges, eventually choosing the one closest to my hometown of Edmonton, Alberta (a mere 16 hour drive which I made many times). I struggled, at first, to understand the particular “American” way of life and their unique viewpoint of freedom (inalienable?). I worked hard and graduated from college and my passion became giving back to a country that literally invested itself in my success and well-being. I knew I wouldn’t become monetarily wealthy but instead the riches I would enjoy revolved around the success of high school students and athletes.

Some people believe that I’m not qualified to comment on the struggles and issues that surround the immigration issues because of my “privileged” upbringing. Just as some believe that Donald Trump has no right to say the things he does about immigration because of his astronomical financial and business success. Some think that the fact that we are both “white” compels us to stay silent on the issues that affect this country because we don’t understand and our race makes us racist by our very nature.

I only compare myself to Donald Trump for one reason: We both worked hard to become our own distinct version of successful. That is the absolute beauty of our American system — it works because we are not all the same and our uniqueness lends itself to the many roles each of us play in the grand play that is America. The Trump card has been played and he is receiving his share of media attention right now. The only card I have to play is that if we don’t attend to the principle of laws set down by our Constitution, then what is left except to discourage any debate on issues we don’t agree on and raise our children to believe that their rights and privileges trump any responsibility to the country that affords them freedom.

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