Lance Scranton: Our schools, our community |

Lance Scranton: Our schools, our community

Lance Scranton
Lance Scranton

Public schools are failing our kids! Teachers are being told that students can’t read, write or do their arithmetic. Parents are complaining about substandard test scores and students are complaining about classes that aren’t interesting, inspiring or worth their time.

I visit with parents who are truly concerned about how their children are being prepared for the next level of education. Many parents are involved in a host of inspirational efforts to help teachers make classroom teaching relevant, realistic and rigorous.

When I have the opportunity to speak with students who have graduated and are in college, technical schools or the military; almost everyone tells me that, without question, they were as prepared as they could be for the road ahead.

Not a single student in my 16 years of teaching blamed the high school for their lack of achievement after graduating and very few have ever adamantly stated that just because of Moffat County High School, they are successful.

High school is a step along the path of maturity and discovery. High school affords kids the opportunity to make mistakes and learn academic behaviors that will serve them well in the future. Most former students either praise MCHS or blame the school for every bad thing that happened to them after graduating.

So, could we be a better high school? ABSOLUTELY! I dream that over the next 5, 10 and 15 years we win multiple state championships in sports and activities, send more and more graduates on to post-secondary education, prepare students more rigorously for life beyond high school and our teachers and administrators continue to be recognized for the sacrificial work that they do everyday.

Some say the answers are complicated but I think it’s pretty simple: Our schools are a reflection of our community and of us. If we want better things in 2014, we all need to strive to become better people and do better things to make our schools reflect the very best we have to offer.

At least that’s what I think.


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