Lance Scranton: On target |

Lance Scranton: On target

Lance Scranton

My son and his friend are getting ready for hunting season so we’ve been spending many hours at the shooting range the past few weeks. It’s a great place to relax, meet new people, and sight in rifles. Every time I go out to the range, there is someone willing to share their knowledge — and their rifle. We share tidbits of information and it is amazing how many shooters got their rifles from a friend, relative, or found a great deal.

As dangerous as many people make guns sound, it is a really safe place and you can watch the more experienced shooters teaching their eager sons and daughters how to shoot accurately and safely. Lots of hand waves and signals are communicated when shooters want to go out to their targets and view their results up close and personal. I’ve had proud fathers show me their daughter’s grouping and had more than a few offer to let me shoot their rifle when I inquired about what they were shooting.

Now, you know that I’m going somewhere with this and I am because anytime a group of people get together with a common cause, it really doesn’t matter who we voted for or our particular views on issues. We’re all after the same thing: hit the target and make sure the skill is repeated as many times as possible because when it’s for real, there won’t be as much time and it won’t be as relaxing.

Over-preparation, safety and organization are a big part of sighting in a gun but it’s the same for anything that we are trying to do — like improving our community, schools, businesses, streets, sidewalks or relationships. Things will change and the target moves, but within the structured setting there is a tremendous amount of freedom to deviate from the expected or the experimental.

When we get our sights set on a target, it is imperative that we stay focused and understand the necessary steps for making certain that we have the best opportunity to hit the bullseye. My son and his friend shoot way better than I do so my role is a bit different and that’s okay because we are all there for the same reason: success and a great time. We all have a role to play in our success as a community and we should all do whatever we can to help Craig hit the bullseye!


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