Lance Scranton: New Year, new outlook |

Lance Scranton: New Year, new outlook

Lance Scranton
Lance Scranton

I have celebrated the New Year 17 times in our fair city, am raising a family here, care deeply about our community and have high hopes for our small city not just to survive, but to thrive. I know you do too, and you want things to be better in 2015 and beyond and that all we need is the right plan!

Anytime someone presents a plan for success, be wary. I’ve been a plan’s victim on more than one occasion! I have thrown my support behind well-meaning people in our community and others who promise big things — if I will just follow their plan.

However, I know the plan is important because we are a country of planners and we strive for things to be better!

I know many of the people who are working to make Craig a better place to live and some of you know me through my column and as a career teacher/coach at our local high school. I get to voice my opinions and views in writing once a week and really appreciate those who take the time to read the paper.

I get to look out onto our community and present a unique perspective to you each week. I see local politics through a different lens than others might and will try to offer a viewpoint that takes into consideration the protection our community deserves. I have a stake in the success of Craig and don’t mind confessing that many plans have failed the hard-working people of Northwest Colorado.

So, my plan for 2015 is to serve each of you by doing my best to explain my viewpoint better, expose misguided thinking where I see it and celebrate the plans that will make Northwest Colorado a great place to live for years to come.

Each person has the privilege to be a part of something that helps make our town function. We have one of the best modes of sharing ideas and countering disagreements. We have a source for exposing the best and worst that Craig has to offer. We have a Daily Press that works hard to allow the views and opinions of a diverse town. Make your view count this year, it is important and valuable to the success of our community.

Here’s to 2015!