Lance Scranton: My confuzzlement |

Lance Scranton: My confuzzlement

Lance Scranton
Lance Scranton

A conundrum: something puzzling or confusing. It’s not popular to admit that you might be puzzled or confused about any particular subject these days, but then again, I’ve never claimed to be the sharpest tack in the box. So maybe when you see me around town, you can help me out with some of my “confuzzlement.”

We are blessed to have an active population of seniors in our community who want to locate a place to socialize, create, exercise and educate. We have a large population of children who would like a place to do the same, and a bunch of people in between who likely would find such a place to be very useful … so why don’t we have a community recreation center?

Moffat County boasts some of the most beautiful destinations for recreation and vacationing within a 100-mile radius and could become a popular home for various businesses as a stopover or, dare I say, bedroom community for recreational towns near us. So why are we so resilient to becoming a community that is “kinda like” other towns. Why is it when I say something about bike paths, fitness trails or rec centers — people tell me that I can find that stuff “in some other town”?

Our schools employ some of the brightest, hard-working professionals I have ever met. Most spend their summers working or improving their craft by taking classes, training, coaching kids or preparing course materials for the fall. I constantly hear and read about how education is failing our kids, but I can’t help but be pretty happy with how my four sons are being challenged as students in our school system. So why can’t we all just agree that while oversight is important, most teachers, administrators and coaches are pretty great at what they do and deserve the benefit of the doubt?

A small chorus of negativity surrounds our cozy little town, and too often, the loudest voices are those who have the most to complain about. This town has been good to many people and continues to be strong in its commitment to young and old alike. Why is it so easy to spout about what’s wrong but so difficult to try and find solutions that work for a majority?

I hope you can help me out. I don’t want to be “confuzzled”!