Lance Scranton: Moffat County proud |

Lance Scranton: Moffat County proud

Lance Scranton
Lance Scranton

What makes you proud to be living in Northwest Colorado? Looking around at the rest of the country, it’s easy to contrast our small-town life with the societal shenanigans some bigger cities experience. It’s hard to imagine walking downtown and seeing a homeless man urinating on a busy street or watching large quantities of marijuana smoke wafting up from a local park. But being proud of our town for what it “isn’t” is sort of like being thankful you aren’t someone else — in the end you haven’t really answered the question.

What makes Moffat County a strong community and a desirable place to live, raise a family and call home? As is the case with any community, it depends who you ask. Some desire Craig because it is a family affair and this county has always been home. Others have made it home because a job attracted them here and after a few years decided the rural life was something they enjoyed and have been here ever since. Others traveled to the great Northwest certain this would be a stepping stone but along the way determined bigger and better things could be had right here in Craig and have stayed to make Moffat County their adopted home.

But too often we get ourselves into the default mode of looking outward and thanking our lucky stars we’re not like that place or those people. It can be a comfortable place, but because so much time is spent looking out, we forget to appreciate what we have right here around us. We live in an expansive place and it can be difficult to pin down the one thing that makes our rural residency something more than just a place that isn’t like other places.

So, take a look around you and decide what it is that makes Craig your place you proudly call home. One of the strongest reasons Craig has such an enduring effect on me is because of the welcoming attitude people display while at the same time respecting your privacy. It’s sort of difficult to explain but Craig will invite you in — if you like — but don’t expect the welcome wagon to pull up — we’re independent that way. We appreciate people very much but aren’t going to get into your business too much, unless invited. Like the one-way streets that move us expeditiously through town, it’s easy to pass on by and get on with your day but if you take the time to pull over and experience people, you just might get hooked. I did and am glad I’ve been here to raise my kids and enjoy a proud, independent, no-nonsense, hard-working, friendly community.

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