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Lance Scranton: Mobility

Lance Scranton

Most people who watched our choices for president debate Monday night were likely asking many of the same questions, and I’m not sure we got many answers. Clinton stuck to her well-crafted, prepared, talking points and Trump spoke off the cuff, with emotion. Certainly, the media will try to pick a winner but my analysis goes a bit deeper than who won or lost.

Both candidates went into this historic debate weighed down by many questions about their ability to lead our country. Charges abound from both political camps regarding each other’s personal and political faux pas that leave us cringing at times. Monday night’s debate won’t likely change anyone’s mind and based on early viewership numbers — the first 30 minutes was about as much as most people cared to watch.

If you really took time to look past the scripted remarks and camouflaged insults, there are two very different visions for our country being offered. Clinton remarks that America is already great but we just need to tweak a few things: make people pay their fair share, clean up the environment, defeat ISIS and all will be better. Trump offers a vision based on trying to fix years and years of governmental excess, greed and mismanagement, which is the only way to make America great again.

Both candidates’ unfavorable numbers are well north of forty percent and reflect a general trend toward our mistrust of government as the answer for our economic woes. But, people still want to feel like the government will be there to rescue them when things don’t go as planned. We have sort of a fractured sense of what government should be doing and where our responsibility for ourselves begins or ends.

To be sure, the next two debates will be hyped up, and the media will be circling the waters looking for any and all stories that match their perception of what America should look like. Voters will have to decide which candidate offers a vision they want to support and will have to look past the political drama unfolding before our eyes and cast a vote for our future – and that my friends is what makes it all so interesting — because in the final analysis, we get to decide.

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