Lance Scranton: Many thanks to many people |

Lance Scranton: Many thanks to many people

Lance Scranton

Lance Scranton

Giving thanks is the theme of the week as Thanksgiving approaches, and families, friends and relatives begin thinking about who they'll visit and what they'll be eating. Not very far from our minds are the lives lost all over the world from terrorist attacks but what most people want this week is a little bit of peace. I am hopeful that our elected officials and those entrusted to protect us are able and willing to keep the homeland safe.

We spend Thursday watching football, eating and sleeping while people we don't see, or necessarily know about, keep us safe from those who want to do us harm. It is appropriate to spend time in this column giving thanks to people, who in spite of swirling political controversies, continue to do their job regardless of circumstances.

Police officers — never have those who protect us by enforcing laws been so at risk. Thank you for continuing to do your job in the face of overwhelming public scrutiny. Those who appreciate law and order know we could not live in a civil society without your commitment to public service.

Elected officials — not the cast of characters that our national media seems obsessed with but those who make up the numerous officials who make everyday living possible and bearable in a world that seems out of control with regulations that most people can't remember. Those who don't have time to memorize every single page of regulatory minutia appreciate your willingness to put up with our frustrations.

Teachers — sure I'm biased, but never have so many well-meaning professionals been blamed for so many of our countries problems. To all the dedicated classroom teachers who spend their careers balancing the needs of students with the flurry of national policies, state mandates, local administrative initiatives and increasingly diverse children; you are the best possible hope for our children and our future.

First responders — so many people who think nothing of risking life and limb to save people. Regardless of circumstance or situation, those who are shocked and dismayed when the tragedies strike thank you for your selfless regard for helping us deal with the times when life is overwhelming. With training in hand, you offer us a helping hand and we should count our blessings that you are willing to serve.

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Military servicemen and women — positively saving the best for last! Our men and women who make up an all-volunteer force that is counted as the best in the world. Certainly they are often put into battles that can scar them and their families for life but their grit and determination to count themselves as proud Americans gives us a great example to follow. Thanks isn't even close to enough!

Thanksgiving means giving thanks, and I hope everyone will remember the people who do the little things everyday that make the big things possible. Enjoy a few days off and say thanks if you get a chance — I'm certain they would appreciate it!