Lance Scranton: Making Craig better |

Lance Scranton: Making Craig better

Lance Scranton

A look at 2035? In 20 years? Is this survey for real? Twenty years down the road and many people in our community will be well into retirement and old age, myself included. Planning and setting forth a vision is important but this seems like just another exercise in making our town think that “experts” and “consultants” (for the right price) are concerned about our future. Information and facts are a great resource, but I happen to believe that we have a rich collection of home-grown experts who know exactly what our town needs.

It doesn’t take a consultant to figure out that we are dependent on coal mining and power production for our largesse. Both industries have served our community well and we are in their debt for providing us with a very good living. Our biggest strength is that we are an energy town. We should be honest and forthright and proud to be a community that revolves around energy production.

Coal-fired power plants are experiencing major growth (especially in China and India – While in our current political climate, coal and oil are dirty words, these energy jewels are not going away anytime soon. Politicians love to get people “fired up” about coal and the health of our children but don’t dare ask them about irresponsible spending and deficits in the trillions that we are passing on to future generations.

Regardless, let’s build some user-friendly bicycle and fitness paths that residents will actually use! Let’s build a recreation center that all of our residents can use! It will cost our community something but it would be worth it to be able to say that we did it! We didn’t rely on grants, handouts or some future energy boom money.

Instead of trying to become something we are not, let’s drop the inferiority complex that results in passivity and wishful thinking. Craig is a great place to live but let’s make it better — before 2035!

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