Lance Scranton: Make an investment |

Lance Scranton: Make an investment

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Lance Scranton
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Investing is a great way to make money and help stabilize your economic future. I speak to high school students all the time about investing just a small portion of their earnings while they are young in some kind of IRA or savings account. I then talk about this amazing thing called compound interest and what it can do for each student without them lifting a finger except to put aside a little bit of their money each month.

Now, if you are the type of teenager that I was; this is a concept you really don’t want to hear because you have way too many things to spend your money on and getting any older than 30 seems like an eternity away! But, the point is made and it allows us to continue talking about this idea of investing. An idea that demands of us an action taken that does not have immediate results.

Students don’t become great writer just because they complete a writing assignment. They don’t become mathematicians by getting their work done. They don’t make beautiful projects by simply following the directions. But, it all helps! If they are willing to continue doing the things that they know will make them a better writer, thinker, or builder. Even though what they do each time isn’t perfect, they understand the idea of investing. Investing in their future and their ability to make different choices than they otherwise might have, had they just gone through the motions.

Investing in our community is something that I try to instill in the minds and actions of students by imploring them to try and think about how they can make things around them better. Starting with their own sphere of influence and then working out into larger causes and contributing to our larger community. It’s easy to talk about how things are changing and our town is going to look way different in 10 years than it does right now. And, it will!

Sitting on our hands and waiting for the inevitable change while closing ourselves off from helping make our community a better place to live will lead to exactly the outcome one should expect. You invest nothing you get back nothing. But I’m hoping we are better examples to our young people that our future is bright and investing is a great way to make things better and isn’t always immediately gratifying but worth the time and effort.

So many people in our community have taken this idea to heart and make up so many of the boards and agencies that help make Craig and Moffat County a great place to live. Thanks for your example and remember how your influence may not be immediately recognized but it is noticeable!


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