Lance Scranton: Life is like sports |

Lance Scranton: Life is like sports

Lance Scranton

Many people, myself included, spent the weekend (and last night) huddled around the television watching NFL playoff and College Bowl games. I’m not as concerned about the outcome as I am the response of those involved.

January can be a difficult month as our favorite teams are eliminated, the holidays have passed, bills are due, the days are short and Spring seems far away. When teams are eliminated from playoffs, the response is generally one of disappointment coupled with the rationalization that next year will be better. In reality, this is the only approach that favors the future.

The holidays are a marvelous time to relax, reflect and consider the year that has passed and the potential of 2014. Granted, in January, it seems like there can be more against us than favorable. Working back into the year requires that we tackle the things that we put on hold to celebrate the season. It’s easy to let down and go through the motions thinking that the year unfolding is going to be worse than the year we just wrapped up.

Again, spring is right around the corner and summer isn’t that far away. The days are short right now, but I generally use the lack of daylight as an excuse to catch up on reading and sleep. The reality is that everyday is getting a little bit longer for the next many months and we all have things to do.

Bills are also a major reminder of reality, especially if we overspent during the holidays and now the money is due. Some people will avoid the collector for as long as they can but that only works for a time. I always tell my boys that, “if you want to play — you gotta pay.” We all make choices resulting in an outcome that affects more than just the individual.

I guess life really is like sports — sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, but you gotta stay in the game, support your team and keep your head up!!!

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