Lance Scranton: Let’s go! |

Lance Scranton: Let’s go!

Lance Scranton

It’s just about time for the busy season that lasts about nine months and accounts for three-fourths of the year. It involves a huge investment by our community and always manages to bring with it a few bumps, dips and detours. Each of these seasons — my 18th here in Craig — produce their own particular memories and offer local residents a bevy of ammunition for both praise and critique.

The thing about school and public education is that everyone has been through it in one form or another and has varying opinions regarding its effectiveness. Some have said that a free, public education is no longer free and has little to do with educating. Others equate the education of the masses with the strengthening of our republic that helps ensure the freedom we enjoy.

As the school year winds up, various pitches are going to be made about what we need to do and how best to achieve the results we need to put Moffat County on the map, as it were, as a place where students are challenged to become the very best they can be, give generously of their time and show athletic and extracurricular dedication, while still maintaining a stellar grade point average. We all know what it takes to be successful these days and these are certainly the minimum!

The busy season will always be more about the busyness than the education because it keeps changing! Add to the constant changes in how students are taught with the fluid nature of leadership and I have learned one ironclad, for-sure, guaranteed thing about public education — it’s priceless!

Nowhere else do we spend so much time thinking, planning, hoping, begging, crying, laughing and motivating than in the classroom. Education, even public, has become something of a business where people demand data, feedback and guarantees. But, unless your child is getting educated in front of a computer screen — yes, it works for some — there will be a teacher whose sole purpose as an educator is to try and make a student better than they were when the busy season started.

So, as you drop off your kid or send them out the door or wake them up for school in a couple of weeks, remember how much you’re counting on the school to do what’s good for your son or daughter and please remember how much we’re counting on you to send us a student who is ready and willing to meet us at that fork in the road and follow us as we take them on a journey that will impact their lives forever.

Let’s go!

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