Lance Scranton: Legalize it! |

Lance Scranton: Legalize it!

Lance Scranton
Lance Scranton

I am enjoying the community discussion involving the cannabis trade. Locally, it appears that some of our community members are in favor of allowing property owners to grow and produce the valuable commodity because it is a cash crop that would be lucrative.

It’s easy to sway an argument with the infusion of some potential monetary gain. It’s even easier to justify and rationalize an act by comparing it to another and saying they are similar.

The whole notion of legalizing marijuana has been built upon the legalization of alcohol. Both are drugs, I’m told. Both are mind-altering, I’m told. One now is regulated because it is legalized — so why not the other, I’m told.

My only question after being told so much is: Can I have a drink, just to enjoy a drink and not get drunk — is it possible? Can I smoke a joint just to enjoy the sensation of smoking and not get high?

I ask because I think it goes to the heart of the question about legalization: Does making something legal mean that people will use it responsibly? I think the answer to this question is what should fuel the discussion.

If the act of legalizing something that we historically have viewed as potentially destructive means that we are progressing toward a more enlightened culture, then I guess I can live with the concept.

So let me propose a solution for raising our school test scores: let’s legalize the sharing of answers and maybe even allow teachers to check answers and make sure they are correct.

Isn’t a test score really about getting it right and allowing our students to experience success? Higher test scores could potentially mean more funding for our school and other recognition that we deserve.

Cheating is such a harsh word and it really should be called “sharing” because we aren’t hurting anyone. Some schools already are doing it and being unfairly singled out for wanting the best for their students.

State recognition, students who feel better, teachers who are happy — I mean this could be a good thing — if only people weren’t so judgmental!

At least, that’s what I think.