Lance Scranton: Just the facts? |

Lance Scranton: Just the facts?

Lance Scranton
Lance Scranton

Our insatiable appetite for news has reached epic proportions matched only by the ease with which we can find news to devour. Apps, social media and internet supply an unending menu of choices for staying informed.

But it seems that our appreciation of differing views and opinions is on an opposite trajectory. With the increase in news options it appears that people are settling for the same old thing when it comes to news.

Our small town daily press is an important mediator on this front and is dedicated to both informing residents and exposing the ramifications of local decisions; much to the chagrin of some readers.

However, national news seems to have strayed from this important responsibility and offers only the menu items that fit their particular social or political temperament. This bias has always been evident, but somewhere along the way news lost its objectivity and has strayed into proselytizing how people should feel and think about the facts.

“Just the facts” used to be what we expected when we consumed the news and gave us time to reflect and determine how we were going to move forward with the information we now had at our disposal. These days it’s a zero­sum game of attack dog reporting not intended to expose facts but to tear apart anyone who disagrees — and it’s all done in the name of tolerance.

We’re expected to be tolerant — and most of us are — but it’s a fine line between implicitly accepting an action or attitude and practicing tolerance. The fact is that political correctness is an overbearing ideology in our culture right now and it’s making the fight to do what is right against what is wrong really difficult. Comprehending truth requires an acceptance of the facts but facts only speak for themselves if they are given a voice.

The facts coming out of the Orlando terrorism attack are too politically incorrect for some who want the narrative to be about gun control even though the facts clearly show a man who pledged allegiance — verbally, on record — to ISIS and praised those whom he believed would approve of his murderous intent. His successful massacre led to days of stories on how he was a jilted closet homosexual who would have been stopped had stricter gun controls been in place. So, the voices of factual evidence from no other than the FBI are told to stay quiet while politicians and pundits can advance a perspective clearly at odds with reality.

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