Lance Scranton: Independent — still |

Lance Scranton: Independent — still

Lance Scranton

Our most recognizable holiday is coming up soon, and the July 4th ‘Super-Long” weekend this year will be another opportunity to celebrate our independence. America stands for many things that are great and make us one of the oldest and most enduring democracies. With our ideas of republic and representative government, we certainly were at the forefront of manifest freedom. But that was hundreds of years ago and hasn’t our system of government seen better days?

Some people will tell you that we are in danger of a totalitarian takeover by the likes of Wall Street bankers and Goldman Sachs cronies who want to fill their pockets with blood money by denying healthcare to millions for the sake of tax cuts. Others find it refreshing that both political parties have suddenly discovered that the ultimate authority rests in the legislative branch of our government.

President Trump could only rescind so many executive orders if there were so many to rescind. President Obama essentially governed by executive order in his final few years and left the House and Senate to duke it out over matters that had little chance of being voted on or any serious attempt at passage. The three branches of government have historically corrected each other when one went astray, and we are experiencing this phenomena as Democrats scream daily that their “responsibility” to the American people is to hold the executive branch responsible. Wow.

Actually, as ironic as it sounds after eight years of benevolence by an all-knowing, compassionate executive leader, we’re in the midst of a reassertion of our independent spirit that has made America a beacon to the world. Yes, it’s messy, sometimes complicated but always amusing and we are in a re-emergence of those truths that we hold to be self evident.

Like him or hate him, President Trump is forcing elected officials to look into the midst of what they have wrought over the past number of years and realize that what was good for the goose is now great for the gander. I have always believed in the promise of our great country and that eventually, if we’re patient, the very things that service an unjust cause will get turned around and put back onto those whose intentions were not always for what is best.

You get the government you deserve, and on this independence day I’m gonna celebrate like it’s 1776. We won’t need fireworks because there are plenty to watch just about everyday in Washington as the politics played out over the past few years has come home to roost.


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