Lance Scranton: I need you |

Lance Scranton: I need you

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Lance Scranton
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These are difficult words to say to each other but surely three of the most accurate and enduring words of our time — especially these days. Many of our reasons for doing things is to develop a sense of that deep-seated American ideal of independence and the ability to take care of ourselves. But, if you look a bit deeper, it becomes apparent that much of what we do is to garner the attention and acceptance of others.

In a political and social culture that appears fragmented and on the verge of implosion, the reasons we offer an opinion or stick to our ideals or give voice to our beliefs is because we have a deep-seated longing for people to accept and accommodate our lifestyle and be willing to listen to our voice. The political and social movements we see every day are a cry for people to notice us and, at a minimum, recognize our contribution to society.

The young people who have recently been featured in our local paper are a testament to the willingness and desire to be productive contributors to our local ideals of caring and support for our community. They are recognized for their efforts through the willingness of others to nominate them for their particular efforts to making Craig and Moffat County a better place to live.

And, yes, we need them and their youthful exuberance and energy that helps shape the local attitude.

I need each of you who read this column as part of your day to know how much it means to me that my words and opinions, while not always what you agree with, are considered and, hopefully, help you to take a look at a different perspective or perhaps validate one you already hold.

We really do need each other, and the only way we move forward with all of the issues and controversies that are unfolding locally and nationally is to realize that each one of us is valuable to the overall success of this grand republic, where passionate, emboldened voices cry out in their own distinct way that, “Hey, I need you to listen and maybe consider what I have to say. I need you to see me as part of the solution and not part of the problem. I need you to be a part of making things better for everybody.

“What I’m really trying to say is that, I need you.”

Lance Scranton is a teacher and coach at Moffat County High School.


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