Lance Scranton: Homecoming boost for community |

Lance Scranton: Homecoming boost for community

Lance Scranton
Lance Scranton

We’ve been beaten over the head enough with test scores and how our sports teams are struggling. We hear enough about how public schools are failing our children and how teachers don’t care about kids. But the return of “full-on” homecoming activities supported by our local Booster Club and administration is a testament to the care and spirit we can achieve as a community when given the opportunity.

And what a blast it was, topped off by a pep rally led by a community member Dave Pressgrove, student Derek Maiolo, sponsored by the Booster Club and supported by the school administration and teachers. This is a perfect example of allowing a community to reflect the best purposes of a school’s role in educating students.

What does a pep rally do for educating students? A valid question that bears scrutiny in an age of high-stakes testing and excessive monitoring of student learning.

Students and adults gather together (community) to get excited about their school teams (pride, diversity), share in cheering (teamwork), games (competition), be entertained by other kids and teachers (collaboration), laugh (humor), get loud together (camaraderie) and behave in a positive manner (citizenship).

I don’t know anyone who would question the educational validity of a community gathering together to express a loud and boisterous acknowledgement of teamwork, hard work and dedication to a cause.

Winning the game isn’t always the result but students realize that it’s OK to be supportive even when things aren’t going their way. We teach students about loyalty through the lessons, stories and experiences we share, but without working through the tough times, the value is quite meaningless.

It’s easy to jump in when things are going well, but getting together to celebrate our school and students in the midst of trying times will be priceless as the school year continues.

Keep fighting Bulldogs, and thanks for a memorable rally!

At least that’s what I think.

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