Lance Scranton: Here’s to you, Craig and Moffat County! |

Lance Scranton: Here’s to you, Craig and Moffat County!

Lance Scranton/For Craig Press

Lance Scranton

It's been a hot summer, and it isn't getting any cooler in the near future, at least in Northwest Colorado.

Temperatures averaging in the 90s for most of July have made me start to wonder about drastic ways to stay cool. Even the nights are warmer than usual, and it makes sleeping a little bit more problematic until well into the morning. A Swamp Cooler used to get the job done in my home, but I have officially given up and am preparing my home for the installation of air conditioning.

So, I was thinking about the people who have already made the move to central air conditioning for their homes, and I have to say that this is the first summer I am a little bit jealous — not of the air conditioning, itself, but that you were less stubborn than I was and realized the benefits of having a cool house when the mercury is reaching excessive levels every day. Here's to all of you for staying cool this summer and likely enjoying a better daily mood than this old overheated and sleep deprived columnist!

Another hot topic around town is the sidewalks we are seeing popping up in different locations across the city.

It's good to see some spending on infrastructure, and if the sidewalk to Ridgeview gets built any time soon, it will be great news for many residents who walk into town very often. Here's to all the planners and contractors who have made the 2018 summer of sidewalks possible!

Depending on where you live, the local horizon is taking on a much different shape as a steel structure continues to grow on the western end of our fair city. The hospital is well into construction of a multi-story facility designed to make our local health care increase in size, space, and quality. Here's to the people responsible for putting a plan together and helping make it a reality!

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It's a doozy of a summer so far, but people are still getting things done and doing their best to keep Craig and Moffat County (nice signage all around town, too!) a neat, tidy, and dependable little town that continues to grow and learn about becoming a place all of us can be proud to call home.

Here's to the people who have positively impacted our town to help make it the place I love to live!

Here's to you, Craig and Moffat County!

Lance Scranton is a teacher and coach at Moffat County High School.