Lance Scranton: Hang on as presidential race heats up |

Lance Scranton: Hang on as presidential race heats up

Lance Scranton
Lance Scranton

Many politicians are accused of operating within an echo chamber. It’s a comfortable place where their thoughts, opinions and ideas are never questioned and always supported — usually by paid staff who benefit greatly by agreeing to never disagree. After a time, they are accused of being, “out of touch” with the average person on the street. Then eventually, depending on the political bent of the organization, the politician has no hope of gaining any traction in the hearts of the main street voters.

Seems like a plausible theory and one I especially like to believe is true when the politicians thoughts, opinions and ideas are ones that I oppose. It’s super easy to dismiss the left and the right extremes of our two-party system and believe that those of us in the “middle” make the most sense and possess all faculty of reasonableness and objectivity.

So when a politician comes along who dares to reflect the general disposition of the main street voter, the professional political class goes into hyper drive trying to convince us that these particular people have no business being considered for a political office, much less that we should even consider listening to such political drivel. But every once-in-a-while somebody breaks through all the media rhetoric and speaks to the masses.

Frustration is at a high level here locally but as I listen to what’s going on around the country — we are not alone! Too many elected officials have let us down and taken our good will and turned it into a good living, all the while pretending to be doing everything they can to represent us but spend most of their time figuring out how to get re-elected.

Kudos to Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump for tapping into the frustration of many American voters. Outsiders like Carly Fiorino and Ben Carson continue to make their way up the polls as the career flesh-pressers wonder why people won’t listen to them and why their message isn’t “getting through” to constituents.

Many months are left for people to decide who is legitimate and which candidate is likely to actually try and do something about immigration, education, taxes, regulations, debt, ISIS, terrorism and the host of other issues that tend to make people want to turn off the TV, stop reading and wait for America’s demise. Fortunately these types aren’t in the majority and people still find hope and change possible and more than just a campaign slogan.

Hang on, it’s about to get even more interesting in the months ahead! Yes, here locally too!!

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