Lance Scranton: Get on the ‘ban’ wagon! |

Lance Scranton: Get on the ‘ban’ wagon!

We debate in class often and many students are convinced that guns kill people and if we would just do something to regulate or ban firearms, we would be a much safer country! Let’s face it, guns are dangerous and lethal. So, I’m jumping on the “ban wagon” too and while we’re at it, we can take care of a few other “bans” as well:

Ban the Internet: I’ve seen the destruction of lives, marriages, reputations and the bullying that goes on through sites like Facebook! The web is the scourge of modern-day communication and should be regulated in such a way that people can’t be hurt by the mean and insensitive things that the internet displays. It’s malicious, misguided and merciless!

Ban food: Have you seen what food can do to people? How can we sit back and allow the suffering of those who fall victim to the scourge of food that causes obesity, high blood pressure, clogged arteries and clothes that don’t fit. If only the government and lawmakers would do something to end this epidemic of eating that is causing a caloric catastrophe nationwide.

Ban competition: Do you know what it’s like to compete? You can actually lose! Can’t we just end every game in a tie and give a trophy to everyone who participated? The idea that there are winners and losers is surely an idea that needs to be eradicated from our society so we can build the self-esteem of our children!

Ban Smartphones: Seriously! I was walking through the parking lot at our local Walmart and was almost run over by someone holding up a phone in front of their face! How do we make people realize the absolute tragedy that smartphones are causing all around our country!

Ban WalMart: If it weren’t for Walmart, there would be no parking lot to be driven through while texting! Walmart has other issues that need to be addressed like low prices, convenience and variety (see ban food above) so shutting down the store would solve many problems.

Simply put; there are way too many things in this world that make living dangerous and difficult and if we could ban everything that requires risk or personal responsibility, we would all be much, much happier!

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