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Lance Scranton: Four ways in

Lance Scranton

All kinds of different groups have been formed to try and lay out a plan for moving forward with all of the initiatives that will help make Craig a more attractive destination but also a legitimate community that offers families more than just a job.

For so many of you who tell me you read this column and stay attuned to what is going on in town and around the community; the issues we face are not new and won’t be solved overnight. As the Daily Press has noted, we have a flurry of new people to our community who are involved in many different areas that support the advancement of our reputation. I am hopeful that their perspectives will add to the ideas and interests of our committed locals.

I spent a whole bunch of time this summer exploring many of the opportunities that Craig presents to locals and guests alike and spoke with many. Overwhelmingly they thought that Craig was a really cool place with a bunch to offer but commented that more signage telling people who were passing through what was going on would be helpful. I’ve written about how efficient our one-way streets are at getting people through Craig and some advertisements letting guests (and locals alike) know what’s going on in our town would be good.

There is a rising current of people who are super interested in celebrating the uniqueness and flavor of our small western town. Some of the comments that I heard for years from a small minority who wanted things to stay the way they were and told me often that, “there are four ways out of town and you are welcome to use any of them,” are being replaced by people are realize that our four ways into Craig could really work to our advantage.

Change really is one of the constants we must all get used to and regardless of what happens in November, we must continue to celebrate who we are and make Craig that really cool town that people pass through and decide to revisit or come to town and decide to stay for awhile and put down some roots.

Lance Scranton is a coach, and he teaches English at Moffat County High School.Lance Scranton is a coach, and he teaches English at Moffat County High School.Lance Scranton is a coach, and he teaches English at Moffat County High School.

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