Lance Scranton: Fight songs and foundations |

Lance Scranton: Fight songs and foundations

Lance Scranton

The Moffat County High School Football team has a tradition of singing the school fight song after each victory.

I’m hoping we get to sing it often this season and was thinking that our fight song is pretty good and contains some important lessons worth remembering:

Oh when the mighty Bulldogs fall in line, we’re going to win again another time…

We are mighty when we stick together and work toward a common purpose. We’ve already won if we stay together and continue to strive for excellence.

Each time we compete is an opportunity to display our pride in our school and in ourselves both as teammates and as members of our community.

We’ll yell for Craig and for her Bulldogs too and for her colors of pure white and brightest blue…

We support our teams and our kids who are represented by the Bulldog mascot. Blue and white are our primary colors and we wear them proudly to display our allegiance to our school and community.

While each team may intersperse their uniforms with secondary colors, the prominence of our blue and white identify us as the Bulldogs of Moffat County.

We’re full of spirit if we stand or fall. We’re going to fight to win and conquer all…

Win or lose, we maintain the “attitude of a winner.” Winning means that in victory we share our successes and in defeat we learn with humility.

We don’t blame others or look for scapegoats but instead focus on how we can improve to do better the next time we have the opportunity.

Fighting to win means we don’t accept mediocrity or make excuses.

We conquer by understanding that hard work and determination are the keys to our success and our victories.

We’re going to win this game and many more. What’s the Score? That’s our team!

This game we play is a metaphor for our lives and how our attitude will in large part determine our success and our enjoyment of life. The score simply indicates where we are at a certain point and helps us measure what needs to be improved or reflects how we have succeeded.

But, regardless, it’s our team and we are Bulldogs who are determined to finish strong.

Fight songs are used to help a school identify its values and sharpen its attitude about school life. Too many students care too little about how their attitude affects the overall school culture.

Most students take aim at life through the prism of high school life and manage to enjoy many successes and work through each failure, each time realizing that their time at MCHS is just the beginning stages of the rest of their lives.

But the beginning is where the foundation is strengthened and built upon, and the stage is set for their own fight song to be written.

Go Bulldogs!!

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