Lance Scranton: Fast and furious, or easy rider? |

Lance Scranton: Fast and furious, or easy rider?

Lance Scranton/For Craig Press

Lance Scranton

Two of my sons, a friend with a lift (thank goodness) and I, in an attempt to make the ride on my eldest son's car a little smoother, decided to replace the front struts and rear shocks. Most of the replacement was effortless (thanks YouTube), and the steering and control have definitely perked up. As we were working on his vehicle, I couldn't help but ponder the state of affairs in our world and how much we need to work on a smoother ride through all the hype and hysteria surrounding the events of summer 2018.

I am hoping the city sales tax that went into effect in July will bring some relief to our stressed budgets and provide our local township with a smoother ride. I have seen sidewalk construction going on around town, and it's a good sign that people will be able to walk safely in these areas. I'm hoping the sidewalk planned for Ridgeview into town gets going soon and will give some of our community members relief from walking along U.S. Highway 40, which concerns me everytime I travel into or out of town.

The whole world seems to be riding on dirt roads littered with potholes right now, as leaders from various countries are trying to determine how to treat President Donald Trump and how to interpret his reasoning when asked questions designed to elicit headlines, no matter how he answers. Our current president has never been one to be concerned about a smooth ride when it comes to speaking his mind. Some heavy-duty shocks and struts might be in order for the press when he speaks for America and uses his particular type of four-wheeled drive demeanor and discourse when expressing his point of view.

It's like driving to a campground; the washboard dirt roads rise up to meet you with their particular brand of shimmy and shake and this can be handled in one of two ways: drive really slowly and try to enjoy the scenery as you continually look in your rearview mirror for anything that might have fallen off your vehicle, or drive as fast as is safe and think only of the destination and how great it will be to arrive, set up camp and relax.

The world seems to fall into these two groups when it comes to just about everything. There are the slow and methodical types, and there are the fast and furious.

Some choose to enjoy the sights and take their time, while others have a destination in mind and will get there as fast as possible. Either way, the road ahead is going to take its toll on the quality of ride that we expect when we're on a smooth, paved surface. The highways ahead for this summer don't appear to be designed for the easy rider, so buckle up and hang on — it's about to get really bumpy, but I think we'll arrive intact and safe.

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Lance Scranton is a teacher and coach at Moffat County High School.