Lance Scranton: Don’t let opportunities pass by |

Lance Scranton: Don’t let opportunities pass by

Lance Scranton/For the Craig Daily Press
Lance Scranton

Regardless of how students spend their time each summer, there are opportunities that might pass them by if they aren’t paying attention.

It has become a custom for coaches to take kids to camps and help them stay tuned-up or get some practice against some unfamiliar competition. These camps are great for teams but also allow coaches to develop and evaluate talent.

Every parent wants our local teams to be successful as they make their way through middle and high school. At every level, coaches are working hard to assess what needs to be done to make winning a top priority.

Beginning in June, coaches are coordinating efforts to make sure student-athletes can increase their performance potential. Every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday throughout the summer, coaches will be available to train seventh- to 12th-graders using the National Strength and Conditioning Association Evaluation and Training System.

Coach Kip Hafey and I are members of the NSCA, which uses scientific research and site-based experience to develop programs to safely enhance the proprioception of young athletes and facilitate increased athletic potential.

We have relied on the NSCA for years to inform our strength and conditioning programs for football but want to make the program available for all athletes (male or female), this summer and on into next year.

Students spend time and money working out at our local health clubs, which is good, but if they want to be challenged to work hard and experience significant strength, conditioning and speed gains this summer, check out the summer strength and conditioning program. You won’t be disappointed.

This is a pathway to performance and will help make sports better in our schools. Summer can pass by pretty fast, and we hope students will take advantage of this opportunity.

At least that’s what I think.