Lance Scranton: Craig’s best days are ahead — be optimistic |

Lance Scranton: Craig’s best days are ahead — be optimistic

Lance Scranton
Lance Scranton

It seems like spring is taking its time getting here as the rain keeps falling, but clear skies are on the horizon. Trying to figure out what’s going to happen with our local economy is a bit like waiting for summer to arrive and hoping that the skies will clear and the lush greenery sticks around for awhile. I speak with many people who have lived in Craig for a long time and each one insists that things will come around again.

Like the rain that keeps falling, I’m hoping the people are right and that our county can find a way to figure out some way to forge ahead through troubled economic times. I’m not big on too many cloudy days because Colorado is the state that boasts so much sunshine. Economically, good news seems to hinge on the health of our coal mines and the power plant. Wild Earth Guardians have done their best to stall out coal production using lawsuits and lawyers but thankfully, common sense prevailed and the mines are digging away.

Houses are selling and people are renting, making wonder if people are moving in or just moving around. Perhaps things are looking up and the discernible signs of a recovery will begin to reveal themselves soon. People who work are staying busy and there always seems to be people shopping and spending money but it just seems like there should be more going on in terms of indicators.

I’ll be the first to say that I’m not a big fan of those who believe that our best days are behind us, and I hope and pray that our fair city continues to adapt and adjust to the potential diversity that some people are trying to bring to our county. Perhaps a concerted effort to improve our schools and community through some type of tax increase is a good way to let the rest of the state know that we are here to stay and are willing to invest in our community.

I met with a pretty wise man last week who told me that human capital is our most valuable commodity and that when people aren’t willing to work together — it’s like throwing money out the window. I never really thought about it this way but if all of us can figure out how to work together, we could do some amazing things that would attract people to Craig and make all of us really glad that we’re a part of Moffat County.

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