Lance Scranton: Congrats seniors — expect great things! |

Lance Scranton: Congrats seniors — expect great things!

Lance Scranton

It’s that time again when our best and brightest get ready to enter the world after 12 or 13 years of public education. So often, test scores are what we base much of our success on when describing the effectiveness of our schools. Of course, scores are important and worthy of discussion and concern because various snapshots of student learning do help us determine how best to serve their intellectual needs.

I’m a big fan of digging deep into the learning that has taken place in our high school, and some of my findings may surprise you: Students actually begin to adjust their relationship to the world as they mature and understand the culture surrounding them and how their particular strengths will help them achieve success. As I gather data from various groups and subsets of students, it is amazing to calculate the growth scores taking place among our students.

Many students are determined to make a difference in the world because of the special relationship they formed while helping other students throughout their public education. One student, in particular, hopes her goal of becoming an elementary school teacher will impact children as much as she has been impacted by her teachers. Others aren’t certain about their future but realize they still have room to grow as reflected by their comments about learning to listen to viewpoints they may not agree with or challenging themselves to strengthen their relationship with God or focusing their determination on acts of selflessness.

Far more than I expected, realize the artificial happiness derived from things and have a mature attitude about what will be required for enduring success. Their formula has much more to do with genuine contributions to their culture than the selfish accumulation of possessions. It’s amazing to read the compelling testimonials of the collective experiences of students who are continuing to grow and seek out the best way forward as they leave high school.

Reality will certainly force them to adjust their thinking in some areas, but I am energized and reinvigorating every time my data collection further supports my theory that the world is a good place, but this graduating class will shoulder much of the responsibility for making things better, cleaning up some of our messes and figuring out what’s truly important.

Congratulations graduating seniors and remember how much many of us do believe in you. Now, go out there and show the world what Moffat County graduates can accomplish.

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