Lance Scranton: Changing landscape |

Lance Scranton: Changing landscape

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Lance Scranton
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Each spring we spend a frantic two or three weeks getting our yard ready for the summer season. Flowers to be planted, grass to be fertilized, aerated, and raked, tree branches to be trimmed. With summer comes the ramping up of temperatures and the hope that things will stay green for at least a few months. Our local Yampa River provides drinking water, yard nourishment, and recreational opportunities and we all count on the local water source to be our provider.

This past week there was much discussion about other provisions that our community does (or does not) need. Some view the efforts to make retail pot available in Craig as progress in our thinking about certain drugs. Others see pot sales as one more step toward the disintegration of our community and its standards. We all have an opinion that falls somewhere in between these two ideological extremes.

I’m not sure either view is exactly precise enough to rest assuredly on either side because while pot will certainly not destroy our city, its legalization is not necessarily an indication of a more acceptable view of its use. Many people who find it difficult to critically analyze complicated subjects tend to have a more libertarian sense of how issues should be decided. If Craig wants marijuana sold locally then let the voters decide and if they approve of the measure then there is nothing that we can do about it because the people have spoken.

The same concept appears to have been the case with the news that our local school district administration building will be transformed into a drug rehabilitation center. The local hospital and school district determined that the idea was good enough that each entered into an agreement, and it looks like the building will be used to house people who are attempting to do something about drug issues in their life.

It just seems a little bit ironic that some in our culture continue to pride themselves on their more enlightened and progressive views about drug use but at the same time our society is opening up more and more drug rehabilitation centers around our country. Perhaps the reason we have so many churches in our community is because of the number of bars and liquor stores. We have institutions for the betterment of mankind through the more liberal and progressive view of how and what we should be able to do countered by organizations that champion a more conservative vision of how people should conduct their lives.

We aren’t really in disagreement about issues as much as we are all trying to determine what should be provided as part of our responsibility to each other as a community. The Yampa flows through Craig and provides, pot shops will provide, drug rehab centers will provide, and we will all get to experience what a changing landscape in our community will provide for future generations.

I trust the provisions will make for a better community, which I hope is our main concern?

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