Lance Scranton: Celebrating our community |

Lance Scranton: Celebrating our community

Lance Scranton

Lance Scranton

The annual Homecoming festivities and celebrations are a special time in the lives of almost every local community member.

Homecoming has been very different this year at the high school and in the community. The support of organized local groups has had a palpable effect on our attitude toward Homecoming.

Local businesses and community members made money and space available for classes to build floats for the parade. Student Council, motivated by local generosity, got prepared and organized for helping make certain that the parade will be successful this year.

Very often the generosity of people is all that is needed to facilitate a different approach to how things are done, a great lesson for all people who rely on their community to ensure success with a bit of "gentle persuasion."

It's been an inspiring time in our community as I have talked with and heard from many parents of children and friends of the community who are committed to making our schools better. The status quo isn't good enough anymore and people in the community are looking for answers.

Sometimes the answers aren't as important as what the questions reveal.

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Many questions center on how to support our extra-curricular activities, our athletes, our coaches and our facilities. Improvement begins with each person in the community, each administrator, each teacher, each coach and each student taking responsibility for doing what they can to make things better.

Questions are answered in our attitudes and our actions. We don't all see eye-to-eye on some of the issues we face as a community but what we can't allow to happen is that we get defensive and respond to honest inquiries with defensive posturing.

Success is found in the courage to tackle the tough questions and inquiries and victory is more concerned with success and results than individual credit.

Homecoming is a great time to celebrate our community and continuing to discover what we can do to make things better and look for solutions.

I'm excited about our future!