Lance Scranton: Bright lights — big hearts |

Lance Scranton: Bright lights — big hearts

Lance Scranton
Lance Scranton

If the future of Moffat County is as bright as some of our local Christmas lights — we will have to break out the sunglasses! It never gets tiring to drive around and discover the bright lights of those who really get into the Christmas spirit. Alice Pleasant Park looks so cool at night, and if you drive around the different neighborhoods, it is heartwarming to see the lengths which people go to adorn their homes and yards with lights and decorations.

No matter how things play out during the year, Christmas just seems to bring out the best and brightest in our attitudes and outlooks. The holiday season revolves around opportunities to be nice to each other and maybe even provide a gift or two. The gifts shouldn’t really be material in nature, although advertisers would like us to think that jewelry or cars are all people care about this time of year.

The spirit around Craig is about giving and it goes into overdrive during the days and weeks preceding Christmas. For those less fortunate in our community, the response is beyond compare as people give out of a sense of the need and care little about political, religion or any particular affiliation. It’s an attitude that I wish would carry on through into each New Year.

When people are in need and we recognize the advantages or blessings that we enjoy; it’s easy to help out because we look around at all the lights and merriment and have a built in excuse to be nice. Maybe the lights illuminate the fact that we are all an accident, a diagnosis or a poor decision away from needing help from those around us. Maybe the lights help us realize how much we can see if we just take the time to notice that there are lots of needs all around us everyday. But certainly, the lights spur us on to make the most out of what we have worked for and been blessed with.

Take the time to notice the lights and those around you as we close out 2016. I’m enjoying all the lights, decorations and goodwill as 2016 comes to a close and am hopeful 2017 is brighter for Moffat County and its residents. Try and tear yourself away from the glow of your device over the next few weeks, lift up your head and enjoy the bright lights and big hearts that Christmas brings to our community.

Lance Scranton is a teacher and coach at Moffat County High School.Lance Scranton is a teacher and coach at Moffat County High School.Lance Scranton is a teacher and coach at Moffat County High School.

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