Lance Scranton: Biased? Of course you are! |

Lance Scranton: Biased? Of course you are!

Lance Scranton

What people are saying and what the media and certain politicians are hearing has reached an epic divide. It’s become a “read the news you wanna hear and avoid the rest” kind of election. Depending on your news source, evidence is mounting — as if most of us didn’t already know — that news reporters are biased. What a surprise, proven by the degree that channels go out of their way to celebrate their objectivity.

Well, if you haven’t discerned my bias yet, then you aren’t reading closely, or not reading at all, because it’s fairly evident. I’m a middle-class wage-earner, small-business owner, raising a family, church-going, trying to keep my head above water, proud American. I suspect most people who read this column identify with one or more of these characteristics. I’m more concerned about messages than the messenger and in this political season, I couldn’t be more comforted by my bias.

Donald Trump uses hyperbole to stay in the news instead of describing specifics and Hillary Clinton invokes her special brand of “clearing up misunderstandings” to avoid specific answers to very specific questions. The lack of specificity is a sure sign of one thing: We’d better figure out how to move forward regardless of who becomes our next leader.

As a county, Trump would offer our crippled energy industry some much needed relief and give Craig a boost of long overdue hope. But, can he reverse the tide of a bureaucratic behemoth bent on destroying fossil fuel? Clinton has been quoted saying that she is going to put coal miners out of work and transition us all to clean energy sources. Just what a clean energy source is will be up for debate and transitioning away from coal is going to drive up costs for consumers.

By 2040, energy demands for computers alone are expected to eat up 90 to 95 percent of our current electrical output. We’re going to need energy and a power plant will be critical, but it might well be costing us a fortune to power our homes and businesses. Looking at the confusion and disarray of the current research on climate change, we can’t even be sure how much humans are impacting the world’s climate and how much is occurring naturally or even how the data is being reported.

I read, study, observe and listen to a variety of pundits and people who know more than I do about various subjects, but what is clear to me is that unless we admit our inherent bias toward certain ideas and beliefs, we’re just going to keep on fighting and arguing while our country suffers on into extinction. If air conditioning is more dangerous than ISIS then I’ve obviously missed something along the way.

We all have an inherent bias, and working through the specifics would greatly impact our country and our county in a positive way. Surely there is something we can all rally around to make our country all that it can be as we move to uncharted territory in November.

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