Lance Scranton: Being grateful for various gifts |

Lance Scranton: Being grateful for various gifts

Lance Scranton

Lance Scranton

This year Christmas and the New Year worked really well on Friday but next year could be a difficult. Not that I am looking forward to next Christmas, but each will fall on a Sunday! That's going to be really weird unless our employers do some creative calendaring between now and next year. Imagine going back to work the day after Christmas or starting school the Monday after New Year's Day! It would be really weird and mostly depressing.

It might seem like a minor issue considering all the big problems we are facing as a community, but thinking about a whole entire year in the future is what this week is about. So we know one thing for sure — the date…everything else is up in the air. The reason we always say that change has something to do with the air is likely because the current of ideas take shape over time. If change is in the air during 2016, we're all going to part of it or certainly affected by the changes that occur.

So while change is going to happen, I'm hoping that some things will stay the same:

• Cold winter weather: Nothing gives us more of a reason than frigid temperatures to just sit around and take stock of what we have been blessed with this year and how we can do better in 2016.

• Snow: Yes, it seems like we got five years worth of snow just this month but the accumulation will pay dividends this spring, and it has been awhile since the kids could actually make a snow fort!

• Friendly faces: No matter what's going on it's great to know that there are people who always have a smile and a kind word. Around town and in the stores, the conversations can be a quick hello or last well into the trip making small town living worthwhile.

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• A caring community: One of the things that I heard so much in 2015 were the number of people who decided to run for elected office because they wanted to give back and make things better. Some run for fame and fortune, but the good ones give their time because their community is so very important to them.

• Friends: To all of you who read this column and have taken the time to get to know me over the years — thanks! I look forward to doing whatever I can in 2016 to make our community a great place to live. Keep reading! Having a local newspaper is an important part of our community as well!