Lance Scranton: Be an informed voter |

Lance Scranton: Be an informed voter

Lance Scranton
Lance Scranton

If you follow politics, you likely identify yourself as conservative, liberal, or maybe even libertarian. If you vote, you are likely to look for either Republican, Democrat, or a third party choice. If you choose not to talk about or follow politics, you are considered a low-information voter. Unfortunately, our country has increased the number of what are considered low-information voters because of the intellectual pomposity and political extremism that has unfolded over the past 10 years.

Perhaps pompous extremists have always been a part of the political landscape, but never before have they had as much access to the average citizen than in this “connected” age. No matter your chronological age or political disposition, you are hammered by the high volume of information that forces you to sort out your political tendencies or just chuck it all in the air and vote for what is most politically acceptable.

The problem with making decisions that are entirely politically motivated is that eventually you are on the wrong side of the politics and then you become the latest pawn in an increasingly complicated system of back-room agreements and non-committal entanglements that last as long as the political tide ebbs. But with every ebb there is a flow and if you understand tides, the ebb and flow of our local and national politics is as reliable as darkness when the sun sets.

It seems that the ebb might subside with the potentiality of the “first” female president of our country. She has made some incredible sacrifices in service to her country, managed some intensely important positions with impressive results and has put her “hat into the ring” because she feels led to help a country that has afforded her so many opportunities. If she is elected, Carly Fiorina would definitely disturb the ebb. Oh! You were thinking Hillary Clinton? Well, there you have it… identity politics has worked well. If you have no idea who Mrs. Fiorina is… low-information voter is how you would be identified.

Hopefully, both locally and nationally, you will get informed and make decisions based on your best attempt to find out the issues and read about the candidates. Wade through the extremism and pomposity and make an informed decision. You might begin with local meetings this week that will impact our local economy and our local school district. You have a right to choose and a responsibility to stay informed. See you there!

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