Lance Scranton: An interesting election year |

Lance Scranton: An interesting election year

Lance Scranton

The presidential primary is sorting itself out as each of the leading candidates begin to lock down the possibility of being the eventual nominee. Depending on who you read or listen to, we are going to have one of the nastiest and most negative campaigns ever seen in America. I guess we’ll see, because every four years we’re warned that things can’t get worse. I think the national discourse is worse this time around but it may be a direct relationship to the unraveling of our social structures that once kept us from crossing those lines of personal attacks.

Maybe it was always nasty and we’re simply paying more attention this year because many of us are concerned about our paychecks, our borders and our elected officials who seem to put in earplugs once they are elected. There is definitely a feeling of economical angst and societal uncertainty as the country tackles mounting debt, an immigration crisis and a weak economy.

The more common the sense, the more it seems to be attacked by those who make their living defending nearly anyone except people who work hard and try to do the right thing. It seems as though the regular people have been replaced by brazen lifestyles and full-time victims who are never satisfied until they find one more cause to yell and scream about. Voicing your opinion in our country is a right that has become a well-paid vocation and the more provocative the statement, the more attentive our media and politically correct country.

I find it increasingly difficult to listen to people complain incessantly about how America has given them a raw deal and how they are owed some type of compensation for everything that has not gone their way. The American Dream is still alive and well for most of those citizens who apply common sense to an above-average work ethic.

Many people are frustrated about what America might become and are furious that hard working people are vilified and made to feel as if we’ve stolen something that didn’t belong to us in the first place. It’s as if hard work and dedication are something that you deserve only as long as everyone feels good about it. Feelings sometimes get in the way of the hard reality that those who work hard tend to do well and those who talk about working hard are generally still talking while we’re out there working. I love talking but there is nothing like a hard day of work to keep things in perspective and help us realize it’s what we were made to do and what gives us a sense of value.

No promises from politicians can ever make us feel more valuable than what we think of ourselves. That’s what will make our country great again. We have to take a collective look in the mirror and realize we can do this thing, and it’s a thing worth doing.

Lance Scranton is a teacher and a coach at Moffat County High School.Lance Scranton is a teacher and a coach at Moffat County High School.Lance Scranton is a teacher and a coach at Moffat County High School.

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