Lance Scranton: An insider’s views on education |

Lance Scranton: An insider’s views on education

Lance Scranton

The education of our children was in the news again this week and I had to duck to avoid some of the shots across the bow.

The Craig Daily Press editorial board made some excellent points about administrators and teachers, but left out some of the actual problems we face each day.

If we are going to be honest and not “skirt the issues,” read on.

If a student isn’t getting the grade they think they deserve, the teacher is the problem.

But when the student gets out into the workforce and isn’t doing the job they were hired to do, it’s very seldom the employer’s fault.

If a student won’t get up in the morning to get to school on time and the school makes them accountable, it’s a bunch of administrators who should mind their own business and leave the kid alone – at least they made it to school.

But when they get out into the workforce and are constantly late for work each day, the employer isn’t going to mind their own business.

If a student isn’t able to properly follow directions and do what is asked in class, there are hundreds of reasons we come up with to make excuses for the student.

But when they enter the workforce and are given directions, there aren’t many excuses except maybe being excused from the job.

If students won’t take testing seriously and do their best, it’s because the tests are just a big joke.

But when they enter the workforce and have to pass a test to get a job they really want, the joke is on them.

These are just a few examples of the everyday struggles educators have that could be solved very simply with some responsibility and a little bit of accountability.

But, try teaching responsibility to a student who takes full advantage of the fact that they can blame teachers and administrators for all their problems and actually get away with it.

Try teaching accountability to students who know when they aren’t responsible in class, there are other ways to pass the class and get the credits they need to graduate.

Let’s have a serious discussion about teaching responsibility and accountability to students whose school bends over backwards to help them succeed and give them opportunities and then is vilified when things don’t go exactly as planned and some struggles ensue.

When some students struggle in school it’s because the teacher “doesn’t like them” or the administration is “picking on them.” When some students are held responsible for their actions, it’s someone else’s fault that they are who they are.

The fix is simple — let’s start looking at the problem from another angle.

Some of our kids are spoiled and we’ve allowed it to happen and now we are looking for ways to excuse their behavior or attitude and schools are an easy target.

Responsibility and accountability are taught by allowing the natural consequences of our children’s actions and attitudes.

What a concept.

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