Lance Scranton: A year of memories |

Lance Scranton: A year of memories

Lance Scranton
Lance Scranton

In 2014, we can all dare to dream! As 2013 was winding down, I was thinking about this past year and the many hurdles we faced as a school and as a community. My contribution to the year-end memories:

Likely to be remembered: The impact of potential energy development that was short-lived due to politics and environmental issues. It seemed like we were on the cusp of an energy boom and then it just seemed to die out as companies pulled up and headed to Utah and Wyoming where the environment was a bit friendlier.

Likely to be forgotten: The push to bring gambling to the area by way of casino development in different areas of Moffat County. It seems like every 10 years there is some kind of move to open up a casino in our area but it never goes very far.

Influential organizations in our community: I am encouraged by the movement toward higher standards that are being supported by organizations like Friends of Moffat County Education, Maximum Commitment to Excellence and the Booster Club. All of us need a reminder of how much we are appreciated and take notice of how we can all improve and put in place the necessary systems to get what we want out of our schools.

Leader to remember: As a school system that is an important reflection of our community, Joe Petrone will leave a legacy of allowing the community more access to the decisions made by our schools, welcoming community organizations and understanding the critical role of a district athletic director.

Person to remember: You. Changes in our schools and community are unavoidable and you will look back at the end of this year knowing that you worked together to make our schools and community better because you stood for what would be in the best interest of both.

At least that’s what I think.


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