Lance Scranton: A solemn reminder |

Lance Scranton: A solemn reminder

Lance Scranton
Lance Scranton

In the spirit of our 240th birthday celebrating the revolutionary idea that people should be allowed the freedom to choose their destiny based on the merits of their actions; I offer Craig, Moffat County and readers everywhere a solemn reminder.

Independence has an eternal meaning that some have forgotten and dangerously believe that new thoughts and ideas make the Declaration of Independence a discardable relic of the past. The fact is that the Founding Fathers proclaimed that being created equally means just that exactly. Be you Democrat, Republican, Independent — or even disillusioned — each get a voice and give consent to the powers that govern.

A solid foundation was chiseled out of a 13 Colony agreement, which put the life and liberty of the framers at substantial risk. It has been argued by some that the authors of our sacred Declaration could not foresee the increasingly complex and volatile society in which we now find ourselves. But it wasn’t any different when Republicans stood against the Dred Scott Decision and Abraham Lincoln was elected to repel the Democratic idea that “diversity” allowed the issue of separate but equal treatment of slaves. A Civil War settled the issue and America was reborn through the shed blood of over 620,000 soldiers.

America has become famous for shedding the blood of its citizens to defend the freedoms that have helped make the United States of America a republic worth fighting for and defending. No, we aren’t a democracy — we’re a republic with democratic institutions. Representative democracy is far from perfect but it is perhaps the fairest representation of the will of the people. We never always agree on the form or fashion of decisions made in the interest of promoting or protecting freedom, but like the family that might inwardly fight and disagree, woe to those who attack our foundational values.

We’ll never agree on everything and each presidential election seems like it’s more and more important but we can agree that freedom is in our American DNA and the will of the governed will be exercised in November. Let us never forget how important it is to protect these two indelible features of our Republic.

And finally, “May we think of freedom not as the right to do as we please but as the opportunity to do what is right.” — Peter Marshall

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