Lance Scranton: A poem for Max |

Lance Scranton: A poem for Max

Lance Scranton

Lance Scranton

If you watch television at all this time of season, you can't avoid the old classic, "How The Grinch Stole Christmas." Dr. Seuss was a storyteller whose ability to spin a yarn and a rhyme were unparalleled. I've seen the old cartoon many times but it wasn't until this weekend that I found myself asking questions about Max. Yes, Max, the Grinch's loyal sidekick (sometimes literally) who finds himself part of all of the diabolical plans in store for the town of Whoville.

The Grinch hates Christmas a terrible bunch, and I think I know why but it's based on a hunch.

The story makes clear that his heart is too small, and it quickly appears that Max gets the call.

Poor Max, how'd he get there, his master's a dope who makes Max lug sleighs at the end of a rope!

I'm no Dr. Seuss but I've got some degrees, and I think Max hopes that the Grinch might believe.

I, too, am surrounded by haters and brutes who care about little but gathering and more loot.

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Sure, it's important, we're capitalists first, but Max knows money won't quench our thirst.

So faithfully is Max right up to the end, and the reward is that Grinch might just be on the mend.

Whoville is wonderful and a Christmas joy, but not after Grinch takes all their toys!

But whatever happens, bad as it seems, voices sing joyous and smiles they beam!

What's Max doing with such a dastardly fink, could he not escape with barely a wink?

Max is the hope in each one of us, when Christmas is here and it seems such a fuss.

We long for some peace and weep for a time, when the holiday season makes all seem just fine.

It's a big, rotten world filled with phonies and fakes, and plenty of people who are great, big flakes.

But that doesn't matter, any heart can be changed, just look at poor Max — he never complained;

The Grinch got his way, but Max got his wish, Christmas serves Christ, no matter the dish.

So go on this season and be greedy and grim, or cast all your hopes on the One who will win.

It's okay to be happy in a world gone astray; we're a country that's more than a one-act play.

Find your reason to celebrate this holiday year and think about Max when you give a good cheer!