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L.O.V.E.M.I. thrift store in downtown Craig is closing May 31

L.O.V.E.M.I. thrift store in downtown Craig is closing May 31. Store owner Yvette Williams Davis, pictured at the store in 2016, is planning to pursue other interests including travel.

— The drawbacks of owning and operating a retail store include being tied to store hours, and one small business owner in Craig is closing her doors to provide herself with the freedom to travel.

"I am planning to take a break, to travel and perform ministerial duties such as speaking at conferences and other engagements," said L.O.V.E. M.I. Thrift Shoppe owner Yvette Williams Davis.

Davis is a pastor of Loyal Outreach Voluntary Evangelistic Ministries International, or L.O.V.E.M.I. Her store is located at 512 Yampa Ave. where profits have helped offset some of the costs of providing women and children a temporary home at a shelter she also operates.

Business was slow, but the rent of the building owned by Pam Pleasant Foster, was fair and is not the reason Davis is closing.

"I've been here for a year now, and I've had the store for three years. I have some other things on my plate," Davis said.

She opened the thrift store in January 2014 in downtown Craig, then moved it to Baker Drive for about a year before that building sold, prompting Davis to return downtown.

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And while her store is closing, her ministry and the shelter will continue to help women in transition, Davis said.

The shelter has been open since May 2014.

Once the store closes, Davis will use office space and storage at the shelter to continue running her ministry. However a small fee — $12.50 per day — will be charged to lodgers to help with costs that would have otherwise been paid for from thrift shop proceeds.

"The store was a good introduction of myself into the community. I made a lot of good friends, people who would come in and tell me their stories," she said.

Davis was born in Nassau, Bahamas, where she was in sales, marketing and ministry. It was there that she met and married Craig veterinarian Dr. Wayne Davis joining him here, where the couple will stay.

As she prepares for the next chapter of her ministry, she invites shoppers to visit the store for a great deal.

"It's a crazy sale. Make an offer or just make a donation," she said.

The store is open 10 a.m. to 5 p.m most days and will close May 31.

To learn more about the shelter call Yvette Williams Davis at 970-756-7113.

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