Kristie Bruce: Convenience with a friendly chat, no extra charge |

Kristie Bruce: Convenience with a friendly chat, no extra charge

Kristie Bruce waves hello in front of the fountain drink and Icee machines of Loaf 'N Jug. As a sales associate for the convenience store, she sees all types of customers, and as a self-described "people person," she enjoys meeting and talking with many of them.
Andy Bockelman

When you’re entering the city limits of Craig from the north on Moffat County Road 7, south on Colorado Highway 13 or west on US Highway 40, you’ll hit the crossroads where convenience store Loaf ‘N Jug sits.

If you’ve entered the shop on multiple occasions, you’ve likely encountered staff member Kristie Bruce, and odds are when you walked out the door with a candy bar, fountain drink or beef jerky, you felt a little more chipper than you did before.

Bruce has been a sales associate for Loaf ‘N Jug for about five non-consecutive years, a job she took because she felt something fast-paced and customer-oriented was where she wanted to be.

Whether it’s hunters, truckers, miners or passing motorists, there’s never a shortage of folks passing through the store, the location of which she refers to as “the best corner in town.”

“You see so many people, and I love meeting new people,” she said. “I’m a people person, everybody knows that about me. I’m a talker, and I like to talk to people about where they’re going, where they’re from.”

A resident of Craig since 1982, Bruce chats up strangers as easily as local customers. One of the things she likes most about being in Northwest Colorado is the small town feel.

Her children — daughter Ashton, 25 and son Corey, 23 — grew up in Craig, and she and husband Michael continue to appreciate what the place has to offer.

“I think the closeness of the community is what I like the most,” she said.

Bruce’s coworkers speak highly of her ability to touch people’s lives even in a small way from behind the counter.

“She has excellent customer service, she’s a very good worker and she’s great to get along with,” said Steffanie Jensen, assistant manager for Craig Loaf ‘N Jug.

The sentiment is mutual, and Bruce said she believes the good rapport among colleagues at the store keeps people coming back.

“We’re busy, we’re friendly, and we just have a good time down here,” she said.

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