Kirsten Andrew: Good people, bad times |

Kirsten Andrew: Good people, bad times

To the editor:

I am writing this letter overwhelmed with gratitude for the many, many people who have helped, offered help and are continuing to help us overcome our loss in the Alkali Fire last week. There are too many to list here, but please know that we appreciate you very much. Thank you to the engine crews who were in the vicinity during and after the fire. Your diligence and presence was comforting while we gathered livestock.

I especially would like to express our gratefulness to a neighbor, whom I didn’t know personally, just knew the brand on his cows. His name is Jack Cobb, and he is a rancher from Savery, Wyoming, who runs cattle adjoining our property, and permits just west of the town of Great Divide. If it hadn’t been for him with his motorcycle and knowledge of where and what fences to cut, we most certainly would have lost more cattle in the fire. He also had the presence of mind to move a young sheepherder and his camp to safety when his employer was unable to reach him.

We did lose some cattle, fences and all of our range both private and permitted. But, more importantly, this fire forged a new friendship with a neighbor. My family may never be able to return a favor of this magnitude, but we always will remember his actions and be ready to help him at the drop of a hat. Thank you, Jack Cobb, you are truly an unsung hero in this incident as far as the Andrew family is concerned. I didn’t write this letter to embarrass you in any way, I just thought you were due some recognition.

Kirsten Andrew on behalf of the Santos Nava and Steve Andrew Families

Moffat County