King – er, principal – for a day |

King – er, principal – for a day

Lee Harstad

Is being a principal really what it is cracked up to be? Craig Middle School (CMS) eighth-grader Krystal Chase had a first-hand experience of leading a school all day Thursday.

Chase received the honor after selling the most items in a CMS sponsored fund-raiser. According to CMS Librarian Sandy Fenney, all students at CMS were able to sell magazine subscriptions and whoever sold the most was to be proclaimed principal for the day. Money raised goes toward school-related items and last year students raised $7,500.

“Money raised covers equipment and supplies not covered by the normal school operating budget,” Fenney said.

Chase sold 34 subscriptions this year and took the helm at CMS, giving out orders and making tough decisions. Besides being able to “send” friends to her office, she also enjoyed a pizza lunch with colleagues.

By mid-morning, Chase had seen a complaint from a student who claimed to have been hit over the head by a teacher (which was a false accusation, one which merely tested the new principal’s will) and other objections from students including why their “regular” principal wasn’t in class taking Chase’s place. According to Chase, Principal Steve Wiersma had meetings all morning but in the afternoon, while Chase sat comfortably in the principal’s chair, Wiersma did attend classes. Chase believed she handled the situation well.

“They came in with a whole bunch of grievances,” Chase said. “But it’s fun because I get to boss kids around.”

Chase commented the job could be real difficult and said fighting was the most difficult problem to handle.

Could a position such as a principal in the education field be in store for this eighth-grader?

“No, I want to be a Broncos cheerleader,” Chase, CMS cheerleader for the past two years, said.

All in all, according to Chase, it was a good experience.

“This is fun and I am glad I got to do it,” Chase said. “I had a test in science today that I missed.”

She missed a test. She may have lost some friends due to her tough style of leadership. But she does have to take the test tomorrow and she will again regain friendships once she is on the other side of the coveted desk.