Kim Doyle Wille: Vote for Baxter |

Kim Doyle Wille: Vote for Baxter

To the editor:

So far, 50 political action committees (PACs), have contributed to Bob Rankin, the Republican running for state Legislature in House District 57.

Among his individual contributors, 15 are lobbyists and 17 work in or with the oil and gas industry. More outside interests are financially involved in Mr. Rankin’s campaign, than people who live in and contributed from the three counties that comprise House District 57.

How did Mr. Rankin get so many associations and industries to “endorse” his campaign? Perhaps because just two years ago he ran an unsuccessful campaign in Pitkin County against Senator Gail Schwartz in Senate District 5.

In that campaign, he claimed to live in Aspen, in an 878-square-foot condo. Now, he lives in a 7,256-square-foot, $1.6 million home on 5.3 acres just 30 miles down the road in Garfield county.

He’s owned both properties since at least 2000.

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Rankin and his financiers really want a seat in the state legislature, and he’s willing to move anywhere and say anything to get elected. What I see in Rankin is a political opportunist, beholding to so many outside, big money interests before he’s ever been elected to any public office.

In their endorsement of Jo Ann Baxter for HD57, the Post Independent said in part of Mr. Rankin, “his views tilt too far to the right”.

And, to the highest bidders, I would add.

With Rankin’s hands in the pockets of so many special interests, will your voice be heard?

The contrast with his main opponent, Democrat Jo Ann Baxter, couldn’t be more profound. Jo Ann has tirelessly traveled between Craig and Carbondale to meet as many people as she possibly could.

Please visit Jo Ann’s website to see how hard she has worked to connect with voters, and how her life and experience will serve us all in the state Legislature,

Vote Jo Ann Baxter for HD57.

Kim Doyle Wille