Kevin Loughran: Thanks MCHS coaches |

Kevin Loughran: Thanks MCHS coaches

To the editor:

I am writing to thank coach Hafey, coach Scranton and the rest of the coaching staff for their hard work and dedication throughout the years. My four years at MoCo High were a highlight in my life and can be attributed to that football field and the coaches’ involvement.

These coaches have taught me very valuable lessons, for which I can’t thank them enough. What disgruntled parents don’t see is all the hard work they do year round and the sacrifices they have made with their wives and children. They do it for the players and the love of the game because god knows the district isn’t paying them six figures. I find that being made to resign over an investigation that isn’t complete and finding out via the radio is unjust.

I know for a fact that this football program has had policies in place for hazing since coach Hafey’s first year as a coach. This also was stated very clearly to us as seniors (if we were to touch an underclassmen at any point no matter our name or family ties, we were to hand in our jersey and be done). Why aren’t the coaches allowed to discipline within their program, which is specifically there to protect the underclassmen? This gave us as upperclassmen an incentive and that was to leave a legacy with these underclassmen that should be carried on for years.

You can’t entirely blame the coaches for the incidents that happened in Wyoming as they can’t hold hands every second and by no means should it cost them their jobs. However, I do think the acts that were committed by individuals relieves them of the privilege to wear the Bulldog uniform this year. This brings me to my next point — I find it very fishy, from all the way on the eastern slope, that hidden agendas of a few parents and district members have affected coaches and teachers. What precedent are you trying to set? I don’t see coaches/teachers knocking down the door and lining up to come to Craig. This leaves every staff member open to dismissal when incidents occur behind their back.

So I ask you this: Where are these coaches/teachers willing to take on this job and get berated by parents because their child lacks the talent needed to be on a competitive team? You only are giving your child crutches in life by exploiting coaches and telling your kids they are the best to ever play the game. You should not be asking the coach why your child gets less playing time, instead ask how you as a parent can make them better. What ever happened to working for your position because that is the way the real world is. Remember, as parents you can point a finger but there are always three pointing right back at you. These coaches have done everything they possibly can to make your child better. Who gets up at 5 a.m and opens the weight room or in the evenings helps run drills? That is coach Hafey and coach Scranton and the rest of the staff. These coaches deserve much more for their dedication to Moffat County and the community of Craig.

Kevin Loughran

MCHS Alum 06

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