Kevin Langley: Competition will drive fuel prices down |

Kevin Langley: Competition will drive fuel prices down

How high will the price of fuel go? Well, that depends on us.

We should ask ourselves when we fuel up in Hayden or Steamboat, what are we really doing to help lower fuel prices?

If we are purchasing from the same brand stores in other towns from Colorado, Utah or Wyoming, it’s a sure bet that the prices are set by the same company. This allows them to raise prices in Craig and keep them low in our neighboring towns. It makes it look as if the stores are competing, but trust me, it’s just a way to make sure they capture the entire market, getting our business no matter what town we’re in.

Doesn’t sound good for those of us purchasing the fuel, does it?

So, here’s a suggestion: If we honestly want lower prices at the pump, then we need to stop purchasing merchandise and fuel from any chain that runs the same stores in Steamboat, Craig and Hayden.

Price wars among different companies will drive the price of fuel down.

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If it’s the same company, then there is no competition. The same company charging Craig residents the outrageous prices is the same company that is giving price breaks in Hayden and Steamboat. Should we have to pay higher prices in Craig just because a company believes we won’t know any better? I don’t think so.

Instead, let’s shop at companies that are willing to lower prices and compete for our business. If they want to do business here and build new stores, let’s make sure they start being honest with us. I believe residents in the Yampa Valley have been underestimated by this company. Let’s show them we’re smarter than this.

Average price per gallon in Colorado (AAA):

No Lead: $2.806

Mid NL: $3.001

Diesel: $3.112

Kevin Langley